We are living in an increasingly computer based society. With every year that passes, computers take over more and more of the tasks we once did for ourselves - math, research, communication, manufacturing, and more. One day even your Mississauga airport limo may be driven by a computer. If you're not a computer user even at this late stage, you risk being left behind. But don't worry, there are plenty of places where you can go to learn computers and perhaps even become an IT vendor yourself. Here are some of the places you should check out.


The best place to start if you just want to learn basic computer skills like emailing and printing is your local library. Most libraries are also CAP (or Community Access Program) sites where the public can use computers to look up their employment insurance refund or watch videos. Check with the program director to see if the library or the CAP staff are running any courses in computer use. There will usually be one specifically tailored to seniors, the visually impaired, or the illiterate to help them broaden their access to information. These courses are usually an hour or so a week for a few weeks.

Community Centers

A lot of local community centers will also have the same basic computer use courses as the library, but with additional courses on the menu for people who want to learn more advanced skills such as photo editing, spreadsheets, and how to do taxes online. To find out what's on the schedule, visit or call the community center closest to your Toronto condo. Toronto has many centers, so if the one nearest you doesn't have what you want, check the others too. These courses are also usually an hour or so a week for a few weeks.

Career Colleges

If you're interested in learning about computers to improve your job prospects and employability you're better off signing up for a six month or one year IT or business program at a career college. Many courses come with computers to keep and let you study at home on evenings and weekends under the tutelage of an advisor. With a career college diploma in computers, you can get a job doing data entry for Mortgage Refinancing Toronto, as a receptionist, at a call center, or even as an IT technician.


For those who are interested in delving further, beyond computer use and into computer programming and design, university is the best option. Courses in computer science are offered at almost every university and it's easier to get a job in a computer field than it is to become a London, Ontario veterinarian. In university you'll learn computer programming languages like Java and Cobol as well as how computers work so you can design and repair them. These courses usually take about 4 years of full time study.

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