Man, has technology changed over time or what? Who would have thought 10 years ago that we could ride in the back of a limousine and not only be able to drink out of cool bottle of champagne but watch highlights of the wedding you were just in because the limousine is equipped with a state of the art home entertainment theatre? A home entertainment theatre system that comes with surround sound speakers, a Blu-ray DVD player and an LED high definition television. It's insane to even think about. Especially when you compare it to what our parents lived through. Remember when they'd sit you around the fireplace, take out a projector and make you watch slides of their wedding day? Provided by Cremation & Celebrations

The times sure have changed. The scary thing is that technology keeps evolving at a rapid pace each and every single day. Something that might be revolutionary one day like watching your favourite television show on your computer could be old news the next. Why? Well, because now there are so many electronic gadgets out there in which you can directly beam what you're watching on your computer onto the television set in the living room. Wirelessly and within seconds.

The one drawback or complaint many people have of living in a world of PVR's, Blu-ray players, PS3's, Wii's, Wi-Fi, smartphones, netbooks, Bluetooth, or Apple TV, is that it's too hard to use those innovative technological devices. People long for the day of a VCR because they were so easy to program. If you find learning technology too hard and won't buy a PVR because you don't know how to program it then you should change your attitude. You're missing out on the wonderful world of watching television through PVR. Owning a PVR means you are no longer a slave to your television set. You can go to your day job, come home and watch all your favourite programs you weren't home to see because your PVR recorded them when you were away.

It's not hard to figure out how to operate a PVR. All PVR's come with an instruction manual that are easy to read. You can ask the person who installed it how it works. You can go online and search Google for instructions. Or maybe you have a family member who is a whiz with gadget that can show you how it works.

Whatever it is you don't know how to do, be it record Oprah on your PVR, use the online Avaya contact center page on their website, send tweets from your Twitter account through your Blackberry or stream a live broadcast of the Golden Globes, try not to sweat about it. There are many ways to learn how to use the technology of today.

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