Everybody can use the internet and pretty much everybody does. However, there is a certain group that have shied away from anything computer related because they think they would have no idea how to use a computer or go online in their condo. You probably know already whom we're talking about: senior citizens. Now, we're not saying that all senior citizens can't use a computer or don't know how to turn one on.

What we're saying is that a lot of senior citizens, who were born before every home had a computer, don't want to be bothered to learn to go online and just act as if they can't. You probably have someone in your family, such as your mom or grandpa, who just hisses when you tell them to get an e-mail address. The only way they want to communicate is over the phone or in person. E-mails have no part in their world.

To that, you should respond by telling them it's never to late to learn. Isn't that what people say all the time when someone says they don't know how to bike or swim? Why should learning how to go online be any different? If you know a senior citizen who doesn't know how to use the internet then why not offer to teach them? Or sign them up for seniors internet training? There are plenty of internet classes out there targeted directly at seniors that teach them how to go online and surf the web just like everybody else. Just tell them it's like signing up for a class.

Most community centers have free classes that seniors can take that will give them internet training lessons that will teach them the basics about surfing the web. These classes will teach the basics when it comes to being safe online, how to open an e-mail address and send e-mails, how to use search engines to find information on topics such as pool opening service in London Ontario or money saving tips, and how to create a basic website, just to name a few.

Try to explain how beneficial it is to know how to use the internet when trying to get somebody to sign up for an internet training course. Highlight the advantages such as being able to stay in constant communication with friends and family members by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. You can do a lot on the internet such as call for a taxi service pick-up, order pizza or video chat with people in other countries. Who wouldn't want to be able to do any of those things, and much, much more?

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