Do you remember watching Saved By The Bell on NBC every Saturday morning when you were a kid and seeing Zack Morris pull out a cell phone attached to his belt buckle during the middle of class? Remember how cool it was that he could freeze time and talk on his cell phone so he wouldn't get in trouble and be sent to Principal Belding's office? Do you also remember how big, clunky and bulky cell phones were back then? Or that Zack had to pull an antenna out of it just so it could work?

Now, think about what Zack Morris would be doing today if Saved By The Bell was airing in 2011. He'd be texting away on a smartphone like a Android or iPhone underneath his desk as Mr. Tuttle taught his class. That wouldn't make for much drama but it sure would make Zack's life a lot easier not having to carry around such a huge cell phone around all day long. Who knows, they might even have had to do a very special episode about Zack being addicted to texting. 2011 sure was different than 1991.

Cell phones like the one Zack used to use or the ones your parents used to use were only used to make emergency calls. People kept cell phones around for emergency situations like calling 911, calling a Newark airport car service to come pick them up because their car got stranded on the side of the road, or to call home to let them know they'd be late for dinner because of traffic so as to not worry anyone. People saw cell phones as sort of a necessity and nothing else. They'd only use them when the situation called for them.

It also used to be that there would only be one cell phone for an entire family. A bookkeeper in Toronto with a family of five would share one cell phone. Now, either scenario would be unheard of. No one uses cell phones just for emergencies and pretty much everyone in the family old enough to use a cell phone owns one. Couple that with the smartphone explosion we're currently a part of and you see cell phones everywhere. It's also not unheard of that a kickboxing Mississauga company will use a cell phone as their business number.

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You can take cell phones with you everywhere. You can't take your cordless home phone that far. Not only are cell phones or smart phones used to make emergency calls, they're also used to text, keep calendar reminders, go online, read e-mails, play games, video chat, etc. Whatever you need to do, it's quite likely you can do it on your smartphone. Need to post pictures of a Toronto warehouse for rent to your realty website? You can take the pictures with your phone and post them online through your phone. Technology sure has come a long way since Zack Morris' time, hasn't it?

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