Most people don't consider the impact that technology has in their lives on a daily basis. Your custom home probably has dozens of bits of technology that you have not even considered. Imagine, for a moment, what your life would be like if all of your technology suddenly disappeared. Many people like to believe that they would not be affected that strongly, but this is likely not the case.

Imagine that the internet suddenly disappeared from your life. Firstly, you would not be reading this article, but that of course wouldn't impact your life too significantly. But think, how did you find your home when you purchased it? Did you go online and browse the MLS, or maybe you searched for real estate agents' websites online. Perhaps, your friend emailed you a real estate ad that she thought would interest you. The point is that you likely had at least some help from the internet when you purchased your home. Understanding the Multiple Listing Service or MLS

As you sit in the living room of your home, look around you. Are their photos around your space? Perhaps family photos or vacation pictures? Many of these pictures were probably taken with a digital camera. Think about all of the amazing photos and memories that you would have missed had you been using a film camera. Film camera meant that you have only a limited number of photos and you might miss out on opportunities if you run out.

When was the last time that you were caught in traffic and had to use your cell phone to call to let someone know you were going to late. Perhaps you were on your way to a deal to sell a piece of real estate and you might have lost the sale and thus the commission. Or consider being stranded on the side of the road, before you had a cell phone this would have been a very challenging situation. However, now that virtually everyone has a cell phone this is not such a serious problem. Most people take having a cell phone for granted but you should consider how much it impacts your daily life.

When you were last visiting a friend at her home did you use your in car navigation system to help you out? Many people don't use paper maps anymore and depend entirely on in car navigation systems, in fact, many people don't even know how to read a paper map these days. Would you spend much of your time lost on the road if you didn't have your in car navigation system? Imagine how often you would be late for important meetings with your GPS system.

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