If you haven't stepped foot in a classroom in ages then you'd be amazed at the tools children have at their dispersal to help them learn in today's day and age. It used to be that all we needed to help us learn were basic tools like a notebook, pencil, and textbook. Oh, and, of course, our brain. Had an assignment on relationships? You'd either use books to research the topic or ask your parents. It was as simple as that. Now, there are just so many more outlets available to help children learn.

Mainly, all the new tools children use to learn in the classroom come from technology. Technology has advanced at such a ridiculous pace. Before, if you needed to add up the total sales for a given month you'd just add it up by hand or type it into a calculator. Now? Well, now you can whip out a calculator on a computer or a smartphone and in seconds you'll have the correct answer.

A lot of classrooms today have been equipped with technological gadgets such as laptop computers, smartphones, electronic touch pad "blackboards", PowerPoint projectors, and wireless internet. Technology in the classroom has changed the way children transmit information. If they are stuck on a certain question or subject all they have to do is go to their favourite search engine on their laptop computer and type in a few keystrokes on their keyboard. Within seconds they'll have the answers they need. If they have a project to make meeting name badges they can open up a program on their laptop, design the badge and use the classroom printer to print it off.

Technology in the classroom has enabled children to learn at a much more rapid pace than their parents. It also means that they have to do less work than their parents used to. Especially when it comes to doing research. A research project on Toronto refinance loan companies might have taken, days, or even weeks to complete. It would take time to interview people, read books or pamphlets, and then put all the information you got from researching into a coherent report. Now, all someone has to do if they're doing a report on Sutton realty is to open up an internet browser on their laptop, spend a few hours researching the subject on the internet and then open up a word processor on their laptop to type up the report.

Don't forget that technology is always evolving. So who knows what might be in a classroom only a few years from now? Just remember that people didn't think you'd be able to have a portable computer before but now they're commonplace everywhere. Website sponsor: CRCS DKI Pickering

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