Anyone who's looking for a rewarding career - both in terms of job satisfaction and financial compensation - need look no further than the field of information technology. As the fastest growing career field in North America it represents the promise of steady employment and promotion prospects to the cash starved students just starting out in computer sciences. Before you pick your courses, however, you should find out whether bookkeeping or software development will net you the best job when you graduate. Here are four IT jobs that will earn you over $100,000 per year.

Business Continuity Analyst

You may think that business continuity analysis is something you would study in a business program, but actually it's more of a computer position that involves business knowledge. Business continuity analysts help companies prepare for the worst - for financial disasters and recessions - by developing plans to keep companies afloat during hard times and get back up to speed afterward as soon as possible. This includes managing and backing up information and analyzing data and requires a certification.

IT Auditor

Since technology and information is so important to any business, whether it's developing a new application or manufacturing dollhouses, companies need to know they're managing and protecting their information well. That's where an IT Auditor comes in. He or she will go over the technology as well as the human process of how vital information is managed to identify gaps and weak points that could be exploited by hackers or competitors. IT Auditors are sort of white knight hackers, so it's an excellent job for anyone with a penchant for poking holes in systems.

Data Modeler

In the old days, scientific experiments were conducted by setting up a scenario and seeing what happened in real life. Today we are able to take on experiments on a much grander and more detailed scale by modeling them on computers. Data modeling is done by software engineers and can be used for a variety of purposes, from programming a computer to act like a removable insulation cover to designing a system to manage the data produced and stored by an automobile manufacturer. Since data models always need tweaks and updates, your job is never really done.

Network Security Administrator

When a company is developing strapping solutions for the metal industry, it would be very easy for the competitor to swoop in and steal the plans if the computers were not secured against hacking. That's a network security administrator's job. As a network security administrator you'd be responsible for making the rules when it comes to data storage and transmission as well as for designing, updating, and maintaining the system of firewalls and virus detectors that protects the company network from hackers.

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