Before when you wanted to go on the internet you had to wait what seemed like an eternity to get a connection. All you wanted to do was check your e-mail to see if your class was cancelled or not. Something that should have taken 30 seconds, took a whole lot longer. It's not like you had a choice though. The only internet options we used to have all revolved around dial-up connections.

You'd have to sit on your computer chair staring at the computer monitor and hearing the weird buzzing noises the phone line made to connect. Don't forget that you also couldn't use the phone line to talk on your phone at the same time. Unless you had two phone lines. Dial-up connection used to be such a hassle, didn't it? Nowadays barely anyone uses dial-up internet connections.

Can't blame them. There's absolutely no reason to use dial-up internet. Unless you're located in an area that doesn't get high speed internet. Even then it's not even worth it because of how slow the speed connections are. With the advent of technology and the rise of high speed internet we've got plenty of options to choose from when it comes to getting online. Either at school, the library, or our Bloor condos, just to name a few. We don't even have to go on a computer to access the internet.

We can get online through our smartphones, X-Boxs, or PlayStations. All thanks to wi-fi. Wireless internet has been quite the blessing. You can use your wi-fi enabled device anywhere in the home if you have it set-up. Or you can log on anywhere that has wi-fi. Such as coffee shops or book stores. There's wi-fi everywhere. You can probably even get wi-fi at the gym where your yoga classes take place.

Wi-fi is available pretty much everywhere and the places where wi-fi exists keep growing by the day. No longer do you have to be a slave to the dial-up internet connection. The days where you had to wait forever for an internet connection to catch are gone. You get to decide when and where you can access the internet.

You can go online on your laptop to check when clients for the open house are coming. Or you can check your e-mail through your wi-fi enabled smartphone at the coffee shop. Thanks to wi-fi we can be connected to the world wide web instantly and whenever we want. It's pretty nice to check your e-mail on your smartphone during a coffee break, isn't it?

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